About tomorrow…

Here I am sitting in the full waiting room of my oncologist’s office, having just done the bloodwork in the lab. Once a year I come here to do a check up. While it’s been 13 years since I’ve had cancer, the kind that I had makes them want to continue yearly checks for a long time. Personally, I have no concerns at all of cancer returning – my guess is that it won’t return as I am fully healed. But these are at best my musings, my guesses. I’m open to whatever life wants to show me. In actuality, tomorrow is a mystery. And I accept that one. Most of me even loves that. Cut the cord and fly.
And I have come to appreciate the yearly visit as ritual, a profound touchstone – not so much about cancer, but about being humble and receptive to all the unknowns that life is made of. It’s yet another practice of embracing the unknown with such deep trust, keeping hot the coals of humility and surrender to life. I’m so grateful and happy to be here. And I’m happy that you are here, too.

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