How’s your family doing? 

Are you connecting with your kids as deeply as you’d like?  Are you worried, frustrated, or at a loss?  Are you struggling to support and nurture them — while giving them the space and independence they want?  Do you wish you could mentor them through turbulent social dynamics, academic challenges, and more compassionate self-awareness?  Is there disconnection or disagreement in your co-parenting?

If you’re willing to take an honest look at the ways you limit connection and can create greater support, I can help.  Together, we’ll discover how you can reconnect as a family, shift your communication, and create deeper, more authentic relationships.

Parenting often implies more of a sense of doing rather then being – as there is a lot to do as a parent.  While we’ll look closely at your parenting strategies, the work that I do is more focused around helping you embrace being the person you are, as a parent – so you can be more present with yourself in order to create more trust and deeper relationships with your children.  This work is incredibly helpful for parents, yet ultimately it’s about cultivating consciousness and embodying deeper self-awareness, and applying that to your relationship with your kids in order to support them better and to connect with them more deeply.  


Michael has a unique ability to connect with both parents and young people in ways that I have never experienced before.  He “gets it” on so many levels.  I credit Michael with having a pivotal and positive influence on our lives at a time when, without his help, things might have gone in a direction none of us wanted.”  

~  Susan LaHoda, Parent, Boulder, CO

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Underneath it all, we all have the same longings.  Parents, children, teens: we all want to feel safe, seen, and unconditionally loved.  It can be difficult and frightening to connect to this vulnerable depth within ourselves – yet only when we come from this place can we communicate as a family with full authenticity.  From here, we can cut through the misunderstandings, hurt, and disconnect.  We can relate to our emotions, experiences, and parts of ourselves with consciousness and compassion — so our kids can learn to do the same.  We can prepare our children to live as a human being from a conscious, grounded, empowered place.

My approach honors the simple to unweave the complicated.  If we’re willing to slow down, listen, and get honest, we will discover that there is simplicity beneath it all.  This sets the stage for a revolution of relating, a paradigm shift of understanding — both within yourself and with your family.


Dissolving the Barriers to Love

My work is committed to ruthless honesty and radical self-love.  It’s grounded in an understanding of the human heart and honors wherever you are in your process.  Through self-awareness and and simple practices, we can start healing and integrating aspects of ourselves.  This allows us to move forward with more empowerment, purpose, compassion, humility, and love.  We naturally relate to others with a clearer understanding of the deeper currents that are running through the moment and how to relate to it, ourselves, and each other.

With loving awareness and fierce courage, we’ll explore the what lies beneath the surface of your relationships.  We’ll work together to…

  • Recognize the ways you might be unintentionally weakening connections between yourself and your child — and learn how you can instead consciously build and strengthen your relationship.
  • Develop simple, heart-centered communication skills.
  • Learn how to help your child cultivate emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and a deep sense of unconditional self worth.
  • Experience the liberation and empowerment of radical self responsibility — for both you and your child.
  • Enjoy a more harmonious, supportive, and joyful relationship with your child.
  • Parent with more confidence and ease, building from a foundation of deep love, honesty, and authenticity.


How it Works

Every family situation is unique.  We’ll customize a program to get us to the place of deepest healing and connection most efficiently and gracefully.  Depending on your family’s needs, our sessions may include and revolve between individual meetings with your child, parent meetings, group family meetings, and creative combinations thereof.  Every session aims to awaken us from our old, self-limiting patterns and replace them with beliefs and actions more aligned with our true needs and desires.

Because this work invites powerful, challenging shifts, I’ll help you create your own individual practices so you can integrate your insights between sessions and translate them into new, healthier actions.  I’m also available for phone and email support between sessions to support you in your process.

If you’re ready to create a stronger bridge between yourself and your child, are willing to take an honest look at how you show up, and want to explore new ways to relate to yourself and your family, let’s work together.

“Michael has the rare ability to be a bridge between our teen’s world, and our own. Because of his skilled facilitation and clear focus, we hear each other better, and more deeply.  And through this listening, so much more seems possible. Without a doubt, worth every nickel.” 

~ Til Luchau, Parent, Boulder, CO

Contact me today to learn about how I can help you and your family arrive at this more peaceful, stable, and loving place.