My Approach

Connect.  Love.  Transform.

I support people ready to undertake this human journey at its fullest, widest, and deepest.  My approach is profoundly simple, often challenging, and radically transformative.  It’s about cultivating consciousness and embodying spiritual principles in an uncomplicated kind of way.  It profoundly impacts all of your relationships: with your partner, friends, family, and most importantly, yourself.

All the work I do, ultimately, is about love.  Inviting it, living it, and clearing out what gets in its way.  This isn’t about telling your story yet again — though you may.  It also isn’t about analyzing, fixing, or lecturing you.  It begins with learning to be radically present with yourself.  It ends with profound transformation, genuine liberation, and joyful connection with yourself and those around you.


You’re already perfect.

You’re a completely, utterly, and exquisitely perfect example of a human being.  Like all of us, you’re doing the very best you can given where you are in your process of healing and unfolding.  As you evolve, this might look patient, impatient, loving, mean, accepting, vindictive, intelligent, ignorant, angelic, or monstrous.  You don’t need to be “fixed.”  This human journey isn’t about avoiding mistakes.  It’s about recognizing and embracing our dark, misguided and unconscious actions as a natural part of our evolution.  This journey’s simply about awakening to our essence and the liberating truth of our unconditional wholeness.

Growing and healing aren’t about becoming “better” or more “perfect.”  They’re simply about becoming more aligned with the deep truth of who we already are.  Along the way, we’ll make mistakes, learn, and unfold.  We’ll become more awake, empowered, and loving.  And as we release our grasping for perfection, we invite the gentleness and compassion towards ourselves that allows for genuine transformation.

Our barriers to love stem from unintegrated feelings and deeply ingrained beliefs that are not necessarily true.  Over the course of our lives, our minds construct countless methods of resisting our deeper experiences – methods that separate us from our heart’s longings, an empowered sense of our place in the world, and intimacy with ourselves and others.

When we notice these patterns and connect to the truth beneath them, we’re on our way to healing our lives and deepening our relationships.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ~ Rumi


Wired to Heal

When we are willing to relate to our experiences with openness, curiosity, and presence, we naturally create tremendous healing shifts very quickly.  This involves metabolizing our undigested emotional experiences and shining a bright light on our fears, defenses, and delusions —  so that we see them in a larger context and begin to transform them.  This work goes straight to the source and processes wounds in this very direct way.

While everyone can do this deep work, many simply won’t.  We naturally cling to limiting patterns, even those that cause suffering, because they’re unconscious, familiar, and core to the way of being that we’ve created.

The journey of self-discovery and healing takes courage, creativity, and commitment.  While I can guide you along this transformational path and up that sacred mountain, it is you who needs to do the climbing, taking care of yourself along the way.  It may be difficult and uncomfortable.  But you’ll have my guidance and devoted support the entire way.


Your Own Deep Knowing Lights the Way

I believe you know what’s best for you.  My role is to guide you to those answers within.  We all have an inner wisdom, deeper than mind-chatter and unconscious habits — but we often don’t know how to access, relate to, and act from it.   I invite you to return to this knowing again and again.  You’ll learn practices to reconnect you to your own wisdom and reclaim the inner power to make choices that serve your heart’s truest longings.  This change may seem overwhelming, and the work may be difficult — yet it’s always surprisingly simple.


Gifts of the Journey

While every person’s healing path unfolds as unique as a snowflake, certain gems reliably arise in my work:

  • Experience more joy and vibrancy in every moment.
  • Break through limiting strategies and enter a liberating new realm of possibilities.
  • Cultivate more compassion, patience, and love towards ourselves and others.
  • Relate to others in more authentic and resonant ways.
  • Deepen conscious self awareness, integrity, and insight.


Our Relationship

When I work with clients, I show up fully, with truthfulness and commitment.  I offer personalized “practices” between sessions to help you integrate your insights — and I’m available for support and guidance every step of the way.  I ask that you be willing to lean into your growing edges and courageously embrace — as much as you can — all of yourself: the light and the shadow, the familiar and the strange, the painful and the divine.


“With Michael’s help I have made lifelong struggles and bad habits that I had long ago accepted as permanent completely disappear.”

~  Jennifer Tobiason, San Francisco, CA

Contact me to discuss the possibilities of working together.

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About Michael

I’ve worked as a counselor, coach, mediator, educator, and trainer as well as course leader in the field of personal transformation and relationship dynamics for the last 15 years.  Focusing primarily on couples and families, I help them unravel the seemingly complicated by returning to the simple, essential truths of the heart.  The path is one of embodying deeper self awareness, creating deeper connections and healthier relationships.  Beyond my trainings and thousands of hours working directly with people, my most valuable qualifications for this work come from my own personal experiences and transformational journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

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