Relationship Counseling

When you enter into relationship counseling with me as your guide, you are making a conscious choice to discover and transform yourself.

Intimate relationships inevitably reveal our unhealed parts, mental conditioning, and unconscious patterns.

Few experiences, if any, are such powerful agents of transformation.

Being in relationship with other can show us that which is most difficult to see, our blind spots, so we can surface and do the healing work that will allow us to experience the love, support, connection and, ultimately, exquisite understanding and intimacy, most of us ache for.

Great relationships take work, yet they are available to you if you are committed to looking honestly, and humbly at how you are showing up.

We must recognize the depth of our patterns and the power of our unhealed parts.  We must take ownership of our feelings, needs, and reactivity.  And we must learn to communicate in ways that effectively express our needs and feelings.  When we create a container of willingness and trust, such relationships can become our most profound teachers and beautifully transform our lives.


“Michael helped us create a relationship that is so safe on so many levels that we experience love in ways that neither of us had never imagined.”

Craig and Dani Quinn, Golden, CO

Beyond the Rational

The shifts we long for can begin once we start skillfully relating to the unseen, emotional world within ourselves and our partner.  We’re often unknowingly trapped in habitual strategies and reactions that separate us from peace and intimacy.  We’re left in awe as our most loving intentions and well-worded responses can cause anger, frustration, and pain in our partner.  Unmet needs and poor communication ripple through the relationship and soon we’re caught in a tangle of multi-layered reactivity.

In a powerful, gentle way, I guide couples to the simple longing driving their struggles.  When we get underneath the stories and interpretations and circles, we can create the heart-based connection we’ve wanted all along.  By honoring “irrational” emotions as they arise in ourselves and our partner, we can access the deep needs and longings beneath them.

From here, we shift into a more authentic way of relating, understanding, and connecting to ourselves and each other.  We practice communicating skillfully and from the heart, creating an honest, empowered, and utterly direct understanding.  Thankfully, this isn’t about processing more information.  It’s about getting to the very simple, essential core that’s been getting missed.  Together, you create a heart-based connection that is healing, liberating and pure and simple, awesome.

We will create the foundation for:

  • Intimate communication, so you consistently feel truly heard by your partner.
  • More harmony, peace, and gentleness in your relationship.
  • Deep understanding and connection, so you both get your needs met.
  • Wisdom and wholeness on the other side of resistance, resentment, and fear.
  • Newfound passion, vibrancy, and joy together.
  • Balance between your independence and the supportive engagement of the relationship.
  • Effective, gentle pathways for healing deep emotional patterns.
  • Recognizing your blind spots and dealing with them effectively.


If you’re struggling in your relationship and are willing to be honest, open, and courageous, I can help.

Contact me today to discuss how we can work together.