Why Darkness Is Essential In Our Lives – a winter solstice offering

Darkness is essential in our lives.

It is illuminating, by it’s nature to create contrast and perspective, in it’s eternal interplay with light. As the light helps us see our darkness, the darkness helps us see our light – helping us to experience light and bring it into the world.

It humbles us to be real, by the reality that it is always intimately related to light and therefore part of all the processes within us and outside of us.

It connects us to our power by helping us see ourselves more fully – our fears, pains, and limiting patterns, so we can understand them, learn from them, and work through them. Without darkness and discomfort, we don’t grow or evolve – but are instead confined to maintaining the illusions we create to feel whole and stable.

It is a master teacher: If we can make it through darkness – if we can find our way through the darkness, we learn things about ourselves that would never be possible to learn in any other way.

It is fertilizer for the seeds of sweetness, by helping us appreciate the light in all it’s forms, when we otherwise might not be so aware or grateful – like health. Like Vision. Like Love. Like Happiness. Like Peace.

It teaches us how to love more fully, by giving each of us the experience of what it is to long for love, to lose ones we love, or to feel unloved or unlovable.

It helps us experience the connection we have to each other – no one escapes the duality, and we all grow towards the light when we begin to face what lies in our shadows that holds us back.

Sitting with pain heals us.

Sitting with grief heals us.
Sitting with fear, anxiety – being with what ever arises, even if undesirable, heals us.
Running from the darkness means we always are on the run from Truth in some form.

The sacred weaving of light and darkness is as reflected in our days and seasons as it is within our selves and our relationships – learning to love and embrace this is learning how to love ourselves, and each other.

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