Teen Groups

Supporting Teens to move beyond the typical teenage self-limitations in 8-Weeks:


The Authentic-Teen Experience

in The Digital Age

In Combination With

Conscious Parenting in The Digital Age

– a live online and in-person* parenting class 


Boosting self-awareness, empowerment, connection and ease 

by helping teens understand themselves and others more deeply

and… by helping parents learn how to help their children cultivate all the skills we cover through creating deeper connection 

No New Groups are currently scheduled: as Michael is Working on some other projects to support parents more directly, and will announce new dates at a later time.  

Contact us if you’d like us to notify you when these start up again.


The Super-Engaging 90-Minute Weekly Teen Group

12 teens gathering weekly: doing very cool, profound and interactive practices that substantially help them better understand themselves and others, and give them skills and awareness to become more empowered, easeful, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

These weekly groups are NOT a class, NOT a “therapy group” and NOT a “support group”, but rather a deep dive into authentic relating to self and others.



The 8-Week, Live, One-Hour Parenting Class via Webinar with interactive Q & A 

(that you can watch on your own time – **But that you MUST watch**)

This is a very important component – without it, I end up doing great work with your kids… in a vacuum.  They need you to also learn the language and know how to support what they’re growth in order for the impact of what we do to truly last, deepen and transform.  




*Two LIVE groups with both the Parent’s and Teen’s together

(on Week 5 and Week 7)


Follow Through with Teens and Parents

 (Super brief, easy and doable… even for busy people) 

1.  Weekly Teen Reminder Video:  A 3-minute video reminding them of some the insights we explored and experienced, to help with integration.

2. Weekly “push your edge” challenge via text:  A 1-minute text of very simple and easy practices using the relating-skills that we covered.

3. Bonus Parenting Support: ALL the parents in my groups get50% off my “End Technology Tantrums Forever in 30 Days” Webinar  (~ $225 discount, dates…. TBA)

“I must say, I never thought that one person could have such a positive influence over an entire group of kids.”

Celia Farell, 17,  Chappaqua, NY


Here’s what they’ll get out of it, and what you’ll learn to help them cultivate: 

Comprehending their actual unconditional self-worth – why they are “enough” and “worthy” even when they make mistakes or when some people don’t accept them

Becoming more emotional intelligent – they’ll recognize what they feel, why the feel it, and how to process that most easily.

Learning how to communicate their actual truths, feelings and needs – with skill and social awareness

Considering bigger pictures and making decisions more wisely – building a more mature relationship with their impulses and habits   

Resolve conflicts and create understanding – getting beyond drama, setting healthy boundaries and creating connection with others

Cultivating Radical self-responsibility – owning strengths and weaknesses with compassionate accountability creates empowerment

Creating deeper relationships – cultivating empathy and awareness with anyone

Experiencing the downside of  their screen addictions! – getting the limiting impact excessive screen use has on them and their relationships


Sounds great, but…
why would my kid actually want to go to this?

Because your child actually wants to feel both more empowered and easeful (whether they are aware of that or not).  They’ll experience that in the first group and realize that they don’t get this anywhere else so directly.   I make it so awesome because I have to – because they are teenagers who might expect it “to suck” because their parents are making them come in.  (Classic – partly why I LOVE working with this age group).   These groups, very quickly, help them better understand themselves… as well as other teenagers.  Virtually all of them want to come back after that first group.



“I like to think of my life as: Before I met Michael, and: After.  He is truly gifted at what he does.  He has given me the tools to completely transform my life.”  

~ Travis Ruskus, 18, Boulder, CO


“Michael helped me turn pleasant, trivial relationships into ones

that were deeper and more meaningful.”

~ Savannah Goodrich, 18, Charlotte, NC



Group for 14 – 15 year olds

Group for 16 – 18 year olds

No New Groups are currently scheduled: as Michael is Working on some other projects to support parents more directly, and will announce new dates at a later time.  

Contact us if you’d like us to notify you when these start up again.


Can my kid try out the group once to see if they’ll like it?

Totally.  That’s how it works.  It’s not a support group or a therapy group at all.  They only join if they are psyched after the first session. (Virtually every kid is, even if they were very resistant at first.  I don’t pressure any kid to stay – they all do it by choice (even though 90% walk in the door, “forced” by their parents and dreading it).  My job is to impact them deeply in that first group leaving them wanting more.


My kid is very resistant to the idea
– how do I get them to try it out?

Tell them that they only have to come once and try it out, then decide for themselves – and even then you may have to give them a strong nudge.  It’s like that sometimes, of course.  But if they are totally unwilling to be open to this, no matter what – and especially if that is a theme in your relationship, there may be deeper issues that exist within them, or between the two of you, that might be worth getting support for (before this group could even become a realistic possibility).


$1225 (Early Bird – register ….TBA)

$1425 (Full Price – ….TBA)

Payment Plans are certainly available to anyone.
Please inquire if needed.


~~ Space is limited to only 12 Families (12 Teenagers in total) in each group ~~



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“Mike is a real deal master at reaching any groups of kids.
That guy’s an empowerment machine”.

~ Ricky Artega, 17, Culver City, CA