From Parents and Teenagers


susan lahoda_2Michael has a unique ability to connect with both parents and young people in ways that I have never experiencedbefore. He “gets it” on so many levels. He was able to help our family immensely in strengthening our relationships and communication and in helping us all to “show up” for ourselves and each other. I credit Michael with having a pivotal and positive influence on our lives at a time when, without his help, things might have gone in a direction none of us wanted. I will be forever grateful for his skillful intervention and truly respectful and caring manner. We feel most fortunate that Michael was there when we needed him most.

Susan LaHoda, BVSD parent

263891_10150300707731420_2268000_nMichael has given me the tools to completely transform my life.  I like to think of my life as before I met Michael, and after. He is truly gifted at what he does.

Travis Ruskus, 19

tilMichael has the rare ability to be a bridge between our teen’s world, and our own. Because of his skilled facilitation and clear focus, we hear each other better, and deeper. And through this listening, so much more seems possible. Without a doubt, worth every nickel.

Til Luchau, BVSD parent

photoMichael facilitated group discussions about insecurities that are frequently repressed among teenagers. He put himself out there, and we responded by joining him, outside of our comfort zones. Michael can relate to teens in a unique way.His open demeanor and interest in others are magnified by his extraordinary communication. No subject is too tough to tackle. He is in tune with himself, and allowed me to discover my own tune. As a mentor and spiritual teacher, he is inimitable. The time I spent with Michael is marked by a deeper understanding of the person I am, and the person I hope to become—he is a true role model for young adults.

Kelsey McCabe, 18

We have never worked with anyone who has been more concise and effective as Michael. We are now learning how to parent more effectively with Michael lovingly supporting us and holding us accountable every step of the way.Michael has the ability to create a safe, non-judgmental environment which has been key to a truly heart opening experience that has allowed our family to better connect with ourselves and each other. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him would truly be blessed. We certainly are.
Leslie and Peter, BVSD parents

photo-2I must say, I never thought that one person could have such a positive influence over an entire group of kids. During any point in time, Michael could transform a person experiencing heightened frustration or anger into a person experiencing a feeling of confidence or accomplishment. He taught us how to approach case-sensitive situations, and how to communicate effectively with fellow participants during times of chaos and disbelief.The level of communication achieved between me and my peers was beyond amazing. I have nothing but great things to say about the group facilitation and teachings that came from Michael Vladeck.

Celia Farell, 17

In family sessions, Michael helped us create a safe space where we could relax, listen and explore ideas and feelings. It was remarkable how much we all heard and learned in those sessions that we just couldn’t take in before. We’re learning ways to help our son develop good critical thinking skills so he can direct his own life making his own wise choices. We feel more confident parenting this young man and setting clear boundaries where appropriate. We are listening more and imposing our own views less. Our son is sharing more and listening more as well, and his own private sessions with Michael seem to have a large impact. Today our home is a happier place. We are grateful to have crossed paths with Michael Vladeck and for the influence he continues to have on our family. We would recommend his work to anyone who wants to experience more authenticity, connection and peace in relationship with their teenager.

Sue and Scott, BVSD parents

Michael has an amazing way of helping both parents and teenagers see themselves deeply and compassionately, and from there learn how to create healthy relationships with each other. He took our family, a family with tremendous tension, passive aggression, unpleasant history and pain, into an experience where we were able to heal wounds, and learn to connect and communicate authentically and effectively. It was what seemed to us an impossibility – yet Michael helped us see how the shift was waiting for us if we were willing to do the work. The countless moments of hopelessness were replaced by hope, then by a sense of ease. He has been the most important catalyst for our family’s development, and for ours, as a couple. If we only knew years ago that such bad relationships could shift, we would have worked with him then. We will be forever grateful that we found Michael.

Douglas and Jane, BVSD parents

Michael was instrumental in helping my son turn himself around from a life of drugs and drug dealing to becoming a straight-A student, talented artist and nationally ranked high-jumper, with college aspirations. I believe it is Michael’s lived experience and his gifts for authentically relating with teenagers that made the difference. My son trusted him immediately and felt emotionally and psychically safe enough to tell the truth about himself… Which was the first and most important step in his healing process. I’ll be forever grateful to Michael for helping me to get my son back!

Allison, parent, Boulder, CO

When I felt like I was doomed to fail and desperate for answers, Michael helped me decipher the issues that were restraining me, and guided me towards simple modifications that then allowed me to perform at my highest potential: when I was complacent and content with myself, my friends, and my activities at school – he challenged me to stretch myself: to turn pleasant, trivial relationships into ones that were deeper and more meaningful, and to do things I didn’t really think I could do, yet wound up accomplishing.It is interesting the way that Michael relates to people – he has never actually told me what to do – he just seems to ask me questions that allow me to figure things out for myself. He has a gift – he is able to see inside people, to determine what it is that is holding them back from having healthy relationships or from jumping head-first into whatever it is they are passionate about, and to guide them as to how they step into making changes with strategy, purpose, self-care, and success. Learning from Michael and applying what he has taught me about relating to others and myself has been both an honor and a privilege.
Savannah D, 19

Michael is a a part of our families life in a way that no other “life coach” or “therapist” has ever been.
He spans across all of our ages (from 13 to 48) in a seamless way that speaks to all the places that either my self, my husband or our four children may be at at any given time.
To say that Michael is living his calling is almost an understatement. His humbleness, equality, love and insight has brought much light and understanding to us all. I don’t put Michael above myself as he has no airs of hirarchey and I know better, but how grateful I am to know that he walks this mystery at the same time that we do and he offers his trials and tribulation along the way as gifts to share as fodder for more love and understanding for all of us who are blessed to have crossed paths with him.

My teenagers love him, my husband and I do as well. We look forward to having Michael as a soul friend for many sessions to come.
Jessica, BVSD parent

Michael has the gift of a very effective communicator. This makes him a wonderful mentor and counselor to people of all ages. His ability to authentically connect with teenagers is truly unique and refreshing – so rare to find. We are so blessed to have found him as he has made a tremendous difference with our kids and with us as parents. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lisa and Chad Hart, BVSD parents

Mike is a real deal master at reaching any groups of kids. I was an unreachable, tough 16 year-old who lied a lot and started fights a lot…. Then I met Mike. He saw right though me and made me see how I didn’t need to act how I acted. I even started being cool with kids who I never would have talked to. The dude respected me no matter how hard I tried to piss him off. It killed me. He also helped everyone in my group become more in touch with who they really were – he missed no one. The dude is an empowerment machine.
Ricky Artega, 17

photo-9When Michael talks to me, he makes me feel like he’s my brother. There’s really nobody else I can compare him to. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’re doing, Michael’s there for you on any level. Michael taught me it’s okay to be who I am. He taught me to set my goals high and strive for them. He taught me to see my boundaries, but to push them as well. Michael’s the most inspirational person in my life and a great friend to have during hard times. Courage, strength and love are Michael’s forte.

Eric Solveson 19

We feel we are somewhat advanced when it comes to understanding healing and healing lingo and personal responsibility. But for all our training and work we hit a wall as our deeper childhood issues began to come to the surface and ultimately interfere with our family balance, to say the least.We needed someone who was strong enough smart enough and clear enough to cut through our stories our issues and bring us right to our hearts.

After what felt like a forever search, we found Michael. The healing our family is experiencing as a result is deep, truthful, honest, legitimate and amazing.Michael assists with laser like love and a pure heart and incredible ability paired with being honestly humble. Thank you Michael, we are healing what truly we thought we couldn’t.“Thank you” does not give justice to the gratitude we feel and the empowerment we are finding to heal.