How our learning process can limit understanding

There are many ways to learn. Some ways teach us through ours minds, and others through our hearts. And how we learn is how we relate to life – so it’s importance is beyond simply gathering information. When we learn through our hearts, we learn not only more deeply, but we learn with a connection to something far greater. For this more expansive learning and the profound understanding if offers, we need to unwind and decondition ourselves from the kinds of learning we are taught in our culture, and in schools – as the universal intelligence does not operate in the concepts of achievement or success that we are programmed to revolve around: there is no non-acceptance, no pass/fail, no A, B, C, D or F, and there is no emphasis on what other’s fear-based or ignorant projections and judgments of us are. While conditioned people may judge us, life does not – rather it patiently tries to help us wake up out of our illusions.

Because it’s been so normalized, it’s hard to see this conditioning in our learning, in the way we interface with our realities. It reminds me of that quote that goes something like, “The three greatest mysteries in life are air to a bird, water to fish and man unto himself.” And therefore the price we must pay / the offering we must give is that of our righteousness in ALL it’s forms – from the most firm to the most subtle that ingeniously lurks in intricate ways in our blind spots. Because only then can we embrace the humility that acts as the doorway to such understanding and wisdom.

And it requires vigilance, as even in a moment of deep spiritual insight, conditioning will try to usurp that teaching and bend it to it’s process. Conditioning begs our attention as it’s part of the old Operating System we created long ago to feel a sense of control, safety and stability in our lives – and this is an operating system which is outdated, filled with bugs and can’t run more powerful applications.

That said, without any need to type an answer to this question here (but please do so if you’d like), what are you learning right now that touches your heart? What conditioning are you seeing through that is creating more depth in your life? If we ask this of ourselves every single day, and share this with others, **especially children**, we can help them learn how to learn in a way that is more aligned with the teachings of life. I’m fairly certain that there are not many gifts greater than this.

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