To think you know someone is to risk objectifying them

We can never ever truly know anyone – friends, wives or husbands, strangers, parents, or even your own children… unless we make the space and have the humility to connect to who they are… in the moment.

To think you know someone is to risk objectifying them.

Our preconceived ideas of them often easily morph into projections. I’ve done this a million times, righteously missing some key piece of who someone really is, and thus missing some immense beauty about them. I gotta surrender some of my fear-based BS to follow my heart and focus solely on having a loving understanding.

We are all consciousness evolving, and so who you were this morning is in someway different from who you are now. To truly know you is to relate to who you are in this very moment.

The same goes for ourselves. We can as easily objectify ourselves when we lack the space to check in deeply with our hearts. All else is akin to living in autopilot.

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