When an interaction lacks humility….

The degree to which I lack humility is the same exact degree I separate myself from others.

This is also to say that when humility is lacking, it is often out of fear – we are striving to maintain our identity and position, from the belief that such control keeps us more safe in our experience of life.  Considering our childhoods, this makes sense, as it seemed that the only way to survive emotionally at times was to become good, right, special, better than, impenetrable, etc.  

True connection is created when we can meet another person in their heart… safely, without trying to change them, or get them to have a certain desired opinion of us.  When we let our guard down, let go of our strategies, and see each other as simply human, wherever we are at in our individual process of awakening, we create space.  We close the gap between delusion and truth, disconnection and connection, fear and love, separation and an intimate unification.  Even if the other maintains separation from us due to where they are in their need to have that space, we do our part in moving towards connection with them, and most certainly with ourselves.


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