What the floods on Boulder offer us.

I trust life fully. Fully fully. In the destruction of my office there is no obvious spiritual lesson here for me to learn that wasn’t learned years ago when I had cancer – that NONE of this stuff really matters. We may think it matters. But I don’t think it does, nor do i believe it never has. There were countless times when i thought certain things impermanent mattered, for sure, and off i went in clinging to my attachments and creating suffering. That said, my heart goes out to all who struggle with loss, and to all who will, for days, weeks and months, be managing the details secondary to such losses.

… And that said, if there is a lesson here that begs to be taught, it just might be that we can commit to caring about certain things and not about others, and that have a choice where we focus our energy. I care about trusting what life presents and learning from that. I care about being alive and honoring this most holy and most sacred gift of life (Oh my God, we’re ALIVE!!!). I care about what I need and feel and what others need and feel. I care that we wake up more and more to the realization that we are in this together and need to take care of each other better than we tend to. Outside of that, not much really matters to me. With all honesty, I have been pretty light-hearted about the state of my office since i heard about it, feeling concern and compassion for others struggles, while feeling reverence, humility and awe at the power of the planet to teach us how to get our priorities straight.

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