Ending anxiety, struggle and resistance to life

This is one of my spoken word poems – about what it takes to deeply heal.  Fully.  Sincerely.  regardless of what you are carrying.  I wrote it when I was in towards the end of my 8 year journey through cancer.


Every moment has it’s truth to reveal

From facing late-stage cancer to stressing over red-lights

– they’re both calls to heal

Insecurity, confusion, you’re too good or not good enough

To short fuses and drug abuses – only you can really call your bluff

Bitterness, guilt, resentment – I think you get the jist

Welcome to the human race, but don’t let those ways persist

Just because you can’t put your finger on it

Don’t mean it doesn’t exist


So lets take all the keys that are up for the taking

And unlock all the doors without pushing or breaking

And start making our way through – even though the next turns a guess

Keeping it real, no faking – though you may feel pressure like a test

It’s not a question to stun but a quest that’s a pun

Where you feel like it’s dark – yet you shine like the Sun

You shine like the Sun.

Know that you shine like the Sun

And so do all like a day that is never done

And don’t run when you hear the starting gun

For there is no competition when there is only One

And the race doesn’t end ‘cause it has never begun

Like a spider’s web spun all things are connected

Touch one part of your being and the rest is affected

So come corrected after your minds been inspected

And where you hold fear

It’s like a disease

You’re infected

And it’s contagious  – this intelligence amiss

Separated from bliss – into a turmoil consciousness

Where Light dances with Darkness intimate like a kiss


And with time and grace you see the pace

How, when Life gives you teachings, they unfold in your face

And there is no second guessing when you know it’s a blessing

Going into the healing and out from the stressing

But now you must yield, and no longer front the role

For now is the time to make friends with your Soul

And when it’s all said and done

Through great pain and great fun

There is nothing more important than being whole


And the start of healing is in understanding illusion

How part of you is Truth and the other part intrusion

That disrupts the alchemy of fusion

That separates you from Unity by some negative or righteous perfusion

Would you rather be right?

Or be healed?

It’s through humility that all Truth is revealed

I kneeled down the other day

When my plans got replaced by ‘come what may’

‘Cause at the end of the day

There have only been moments where we actually had say

And we can do nothing to stop the blue skies from turning gray


One thing is true, but it’s rather hard to say

Because the deal with Light is that is shows us the way

And it shows us our ignorance, and our crazy wack trips

And oftentimes people aren’t ready to get tips

But that thing is this – and I speak it with humility:

One thing we must accept is full responsibility

Or else we blame, blame, blame

Getting burnt by the same flame

There’s no need to protect your name

When all you want to do is step out of the rain

We are responsible for how we interpret the game

An suffering is simply the judgment of pain

But that’s human, and that’s normal, and in fact it’s a sign

Seek to learn, and it’s answers you’ll find


Good and bad are nothing

But perspectives


That’s it.

Any more isn’t legit -so be real and don’t quit

When you need to heal negative thinking doesn’t fit

For Fear finds all the time in the world

To bind you from the Light and keep you blind

So you resign positivity with seemingly logical design

That’s nothing but the Illusion

See through it and walk free

Get the full understanding and ride the Duality

For knowledge and intuition combined is the key

So free yourself up and lift that Cup

And if it leaks – then patch it up


Reality floats on a mystery

And healing is always possible

To align yourself with humility and love is to be energized by the Unstoppable


We choose how we receive and, again, how we send

Some follow circles and look for its end

Others go with the Flow

And don’t break

When It bends.


©  2014 Michael Vladeck



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  1. Dagmar Edwards September 20, 2016 at 7:10 pm #

    That is a beautifully said Michael. Such a true and powerful words.

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